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Sway Bar
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All AOE sway bar kits have been shot peened and heat treated, and feature precision forged ends.  Purim-Teflon Bushing
Parts No. Make & Model Year Spec. Diameter Unit/Price Remark
SB-ADA3-F01 AUDI A3 (2WD) 03+ F 26mm   Available
SB-ADA3-R01 R 23mm   Available
SB-ADTT-F01 TT (2WD) 06+ F 26mm   Available
SB-ADTT-R01 R 23mm   Available
SB-BMW3-F02 BMW 3 Series (E46) 98+ F 27mm   Available
SB-BMW3-R02 R 21mm   Available
SB-MINI-F01 MINI COOPER   F 27mm   Coming
SB-MINI-R01 R 19mm   Coming
SB-FDFC-F01 FORD FOCUS 05+ F 24mm   Available
SB-FDFC-R01 R 22mm   Available
SB-FDIM-F01 i-MAX   F 24mm   Available
SB-FDIM-R01 R 22mm   Available
SB-HOEG-F01 HONDA Civic (EG) 92~95 F 26mm   Available
SB-HOEG-R01 R 21mm   Available
SB-HOEK-F01 Civic (EK) 96~00 F 26mm   Available
SB-HOEK-R01 R 21mm   Available
SB-HOFD-F01 Civic (FD) 06+ F 30mm   Available
SB-HOFD-R01 R 21mm   Available
SB-HOFD-R02 R 18mm   Available
SB-ADC5-F01 INTEGRA DC-5 02+ F 23mm   Coming
SB-HOJZ-F01 Fit 06+ F 24mm   Available
SB-HOJZ-F02 Fit 08+ F 23 mm   Available
SB-CRV3-F01 CRV 3 07+ F 23mm   Available
SB-CRV3-R01 R 22mm   Available
SB-HOAC-F01 Accord  08+ F 28mm   Available
SB-HOAC-R01 R 17mm   Available
SB-IG35-F01 INFINITI G35 Coupe 03+ F 34mm   Available
SB-IG35-R01 R 21mm   Available
SB-IG35-F02 G35 Sedan   F 30mm   Available
SB-IG35-R02 R 23mm   Available
SB-IF35-F01 FX35   F 29 mm   Available
SB-IF35-R01 R 26 mm   Available
SB-LX25-F01 LEXUS IS 250   F     Coming
SB-LX25-R01 R 19mm   Available
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Parts No. Make & Model Year Spec. Diameter Unit/Price Remark
SB-MZM2-F01 MAZDA MAZDA 2   F 22mm   Available
SB-MZM3-F01 MAZDA 3 3D/4D 05+ F 23mm   Available
SB-MZM3-R01 R 22mm   Available
SB-MZM5-F01 MAZDA 5 06+ F 24mm   Available
SB-MZM5-R01 R 22mm   Available
SB-MIEV-R08 MITSUBISHI EVO 8   R 23mm   Coming
SB-NK11-F01 NISSAN March(K11)   F 24mm   Available
SB-NK11-R01 R 19mm   Available
SB-NZ33-F01 350Z(Z33) 03+ F 34mm   Available
SB-NZ33-R01 R 21mm   Available
SB-NTDA-F01 TIIDA   F 25 mm   Available
SB-P206-F01 PEUGEOT 206   F 22mm   Available
SP-P206-R01 R(torsion bar) 22mm   Available
SB-SETO-F01 SEAT ALTEA / TOLEDO 04+ F 26mm   Available
SB-SETO-R01 R 23mm   Available
SB-SELE-F01 LEON 05+ F 26mm   Available
SB-SELE-R01 R 23mm   Available
SB-SKOC-F01 SKODA OCTAVIA 04+ F 26mm   Available
SB-SKOC-R01 R 23mm   Available
SB-SBGD-F01 SUBARU IMPREZA(GD) 02+ F 21mm   Available
SB-SBGD-R01 R 22mm   Available
SB-SBGR-F01 SUBARU IMPREZA(GRB) 08+ F 23 mm   Available
SB-SBGR-R01 R 21 mm   Available
SB-SBLG-R01 R 21 mm   Available
SB-SZSO-F01 SUZUKI SOLIO   F 24mm   Available
SB-SZSW-F01 SWIFT   F 23mm   Available
SB-TOAL-F01 TOYOTA ALTIS 03+ F 25mm   Available
SB-TOAL-R01 R 23mm   Available
SB-TOCA-F01 CAMRY  08+ F 27mm   Coming
SB-TOCA-R01 R 19mm   Coming
SB-TORZ-F01 REIZ   F 28mm   Available
  -07/10 R 17mm   Coming
SB-TORZ-R01 07/10+ R 17mm   Available
SB-TOTE-F01 TERCEL 95~99 F 21mm   Available
SB-TOWI-F01 WISH 05+ F 25mm   Available
SB-TOWI-R01 R 23mm   Available
SB-TOYA-F01 YARIS 07+ F 24mm   Available
SB-VWG5-F01 VOLKSWAGEN GOLF 5 03+ F 26mm   Available
SB-VWG5-R01 R 23mm   Available
SB-VWJT-F01 JETTA 05+ F 26mm   Available
SB-VWJT-R01 R 23mm   Available
SB-VWPS-F01 PASSAT 05+ F 26mm   Available
SB-VWPS-R01 R 23mm   Available
SB-VWTR-F01 TOURAN 03+ F 26mm   Available
SB-VWTR-R01 R 23mm   Available
1.The item number above is presently new pattern to be follow. 
2.Some models are on order to build bases.
3.All Sway Bars come with Purim-Teflon(No Squeak) Bushings.
4. Price Break for the sway bars:
A special discount of 5 percent will be provided for the order of 10 pieces. 
A special discount of 10 percent will be provided for the order of 20 pieces. 
A special discount of 15 percent will be provided for the order of 50 pieces.